Dahlia Language Centr

Dahlia Language Centre

Dahlia Language Centre (or PUSAT BAHASA DAHLIA in Malay Language) is wholly owned by Dahlia Education Group Sdn Bhd (947182-P) and was established in June 2011 with a commitment to provide quality education.

Dahlia Language Centre is a cutting-edge language centre and recognised by Ministry of Education (MOE), Malaysia to provide language education.

The centre is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle, just a brief walking distance from the Petronas Twin Towers, offers students the stimulating experience of a city campus with complete urban facilities.


Dahlia Language Centre LOGO


To become a premier institution for the instruction of languages through innovatively designed and professionally developed curriculum.


To provide quality language instruction to all individuals for academic, professional or social pursuits.


We embrace change, sustainability and lifelong learning, and will continuously strive for integrity and quality improvement.

Advantages of

Dahlia Language Cent


Intensive focus on listening, reading, speaking, writing, vocabulary, grammar and confidence building

Smaller Classroom

Smaller classrooms with a limited number of students

20 School-days per term

Guaranteed 20 school-days per term

80 hours of class

Up to 80 hours of class time per term

Monthly Intake

Monthly intakes are available beginning of every month

Multi-national Environment

Multi-national environment that gives an opportunity to learn about diverse cultures


Highly qualified trainers from various countries, and including a balanced mix of native and non-native professionals

Welcoming Environment

Clean, friendly and welcoming environment

Student Support

Dedicated student support for both academic and non-academic matters

Strategic Location

Strategic location accessible by public transport, banks, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants


High-tech facilities and high speed Wi-Fi throughout the centre

Tourist Destinations

Walking distance from Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) and various tourist destinations