IELTS Preparation

Our intensive IELTS preparation course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills required to successfully take the IELTS Academic Test. The course focuses mainly on the tips, strategies and techniques needed to achieve targeted bands. It follows a modern course-book, which in turn is supported by carefully selected supplementary materials to enhance the experience and equip students with everything they need for exam.

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Reading skills refer to the ability of students to read by using a variety of techniques. Understanding various aspects of what they are reading and responding effectively


Listening skills refer to the ability of students to listen carefully, understand and appreciate the things heard in various situations, speaking such as conversations, speeches and interviews


Writing skills refer to the development of clear and effective sentences and paragraphs that demonstrate use of critical thinking skills 


Speaking skills refer to ability of students to ask questions and deliver information, opinions and feelings orally using standard pronunciations,  intonation and pauses


Intensive focus on tips, strategies, techniques needed to achieve targeted band in IELTS Academic exam